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Your Say...

“The Helping Hands Group in Peterborough has been a lifeline for both me and my daughter for the last 18 months.

My daughter started attending one day a week in 2019 when she left school and this has grown to four days a week currently through Covid-19 related lockdowns, stepping up when the other provision closed.

My daughter loves it and has grown in confidence over this time. Her communication skills and independence have increased and I know she will benefit greatly from the new work-related opportunities that the Fenlake Centre will provide.

The way that Suzanne Gilby works with other professionals involved with my daughters care is a joy, making my life so much easier.

My daughter hasn’t always been easy to live with but I know she has always been safe and doing interesting things at THHG coming home with a smile.”


"Our son Lee has been attending The Helping Hands Group for almost 10 years now, so he has been there from almost the beginning.

When we first looked around there, we just knew that this was the correct place for Lee. There were lots of individual rooms for different activities, and as our son is severely Autistic we knew he would enjoy being able to access different rooms, especially if he needed to chill out.


Lee loves going to the centre, and he has always enjoyed it there. He always leaves home happy and comes home happy. The night before he knows he is going to The HHG, he is so excited.


The Helping Hands Group is somewhere we couldn't do without, and we couldn't cope without it. It's an amazing place that's full of love and dedication. Nothing will phase the staff, and they are always happy.

Lee needs a lot of stimulation and he certainly gets that there, His needs are met extremely well and he loves all the activities that he does, and tells us all about what he has been doing when he gets home.

It's great having a log book which tells us what he has been doing too. Lee enjoys the interactive games he plays, craft work, the sensory room, massages, writing, computer work etc. Lee also loves the jacuzzi.


The staff are amazing especially with the way things are right now (COVID), and they are keeping  Lee safe. They work very hard, and are very dedicated. We will be forever grateful to everyone for keeping Helping Hands open throughout the pandemic 


It's been a pleasure to know Suzanne and her team for 10 years, and we wish her all the best with the new Fenlake Centre, the individuals will really enjoy it there.



"The Helping Hands Group are wonderful, l know l wouldn’t have survived the past 10 year without them.


They are an extended family for Daniel and he would not be the confident man he is now without them.


Absolutely brilliant service!"


"The Helping Hands Group really do change lives, there are not enough words to extend our gratitude."

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