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Activities & Therapies


The Helping Hands Group offer a wide range of therapies from our on site facilities. 

  • Physiotherapy

  • Massage

  • Sensory Room Experience

  • Hydrotherapy

  • Speech and Language

Physiotherapy - In consultation with qualified physiotherapists we are able to deliver sessions on a daily basis or as and when necessary. The programme will be overseen by the qualified physiotherapist, carried out and evaluated by in house staff.

Massage - Massage can help all systems of the body including blood circulation, the muscular system, skeletal system, nervous system and digestive system.

Sensory Room Experiences - Our onsite sensory rooms have been designed to be flexible environments. Equipment can be moved according to the individual’s needs. Sessions can be delivered on a 1 to 1 basis or in a small group. Individuals will be encouraged to access the equipment independently via remote switches or learn to relax in this distraction free environment. Use of Tac Pac and other sensory stimuli are available to develop tolerance of positive touch.



  • The Arts - (Drama, Art, Crafts, Card Making, Music)

  • Activities - (Ice Skating, Wheelchair Ice Skating, Bowling, Mobility & Orientation, Cooking/Shopping, Yoga, Self Awareness, Environmental Awareness, Photography, Horticulture)

  • Woodwork -(Up-Cycling, Furniture making,)

  • Catering

Our Fenlake centre has an onsite commercial size catering kitchen, Dance/Drama Studio and Woodwork Room allowing us to offer a wide variety of practical sessions in-house.



At our Charford House site we also offer in-house Hydrotherapy, our modern state of the art 6 berth Hydro Spa complete with a lounger has a temperature of up to 40 degrees, and consists of jets, lights and waterfalls making for a truly relaxing therapy and one that at times is medically recommended. New studies show that hydrotherapy benefits people rehabilitating from strokes, traumas, and other injuries as well as connective tissue diseases and asthma

The spa is fully accessible.

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