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Sports Day 2020

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

2020 has been a difficult year for everyone, and at The Helping Hands Group everyone has worked so hard and pulled together to ensure that within our walls there is normality and peace amongst the madness, whilst of course maintaining everyones safety.

Therefore, Sports Day was going ahead as planned and although the facilities we usually use were unavailable, our own car park became the Olympic Stadium for the day, and nothing was going to stop us making the event a memorable one for all who participated.

Group Director Suzanne Gilby said "It would be near impossible to find someone who hasn't been negatively effected by whats going on in the world at present, particularly the loss of our beautiful Ali hit everyone extremely hard. We have kept in close contact with Ali's family who have done nothing but praise the work of the staff of The Helping Hands Group and the difference that our service made to Ali's life and its that which makes us all come into work of a morning and do what we do here."

"Normality, structure and routine are vitally important to those who use our service, and my staff have gone above and beyond to ensure that whilst maintaining everyones safety that those targets are seamlessly met, therefore cancelling Sports Day this year was not an option!"

"Thank you to Kaitlyn and the Enrichment Team for their drive and commitment in making sure the day went ahead, and to our friends across the road at JTF who allowed us to use their carpark for our vehicles, this freed up space to allow us to bring the games to our doorstep. The weather was perfect and everyone had a fantastic time."

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