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Our Hall Of Famers

Back in May we received a very generous donation from the lovely Claire Ferrari, who loves everything The Helping Hands Group stands for.

After much thought Group Director Suzanne Gilby decided on creating a 'Hall of Fame'. A wall dedicated to those individuals who have accessed and benefited from the service over the last 10 years.

Suzanne said "We are so grateful to Claire for her donation, and I really wanted to put the money towards something that will last the test of time and mean something to all of us who access the service day in day out."

"Every single image is of an individual who has benefited from using our service at Charford House, It is now our intention to carry this theme on at our other sites as we move forward, because we are immensely proud of the work we do here and when I stood back earlier today at the bottom of the stairwell and looked up, it brought a tear to my eye to see all those happy faces who mean so much to all of us."

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