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Fenlake and Charford House Both Near Capacity as Demand For The Service Grows

2021 has seen a huge surge in demand for placements at The Helping Hands Group, particularly at Charford House and Fenlake.

Founder/Director Suzanne Gilby said "Opening Fenlake has opened the flood gates in relation to interest. We have been able to have a real restructure in Peterborough by opening a second centre. Fenlake is better suited for higher ability and Charford House is more specialist and more suited for those requiring more support.

This has allowed us to really focus our energies with more structure and balance across the board, which of course is better for the individuals we support.

Fenlake has been everything we expected it to. be, creating new and exciting opportunities that before were not available to us, and Charford have always been highly regarded when it comes to complex needs, so the balance now is perfect."

The restructure has seen demand for each centre rocket with availability for placements expecting to be full by August.

"it's fantastic that we are being able to welcome and assist so many new individuals and I wish we could open a limitless amount of centres in order to cope with demand, however that's just not realistic. We will come to a point this summer whereby we will have a waiting list in place for both Peterborough centres and we will of course attempt to filter those we can across to our Wisbech Centre which does currently have more availability." Suzanne continued.

If you are looking for a placement at either centre please do contact us as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

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