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'Fenlake' 2021 Expansion

2021 will see The Helping Hands Group expand in Peterborough. The news comes on the 10 year anniversary of the groups existence and Group Director Suzanne Gilby is excited with the new horizon.

"Over the years we have worked. so hard at being able to give variety in the sessions that we offer, however, space and practicality have always been huge barriers to overcome."

"2020 has been such a difficult year, logistically and emotionally. Managing everything that Covid-19 has thrown at us has been challenging to say the least, and its important now more than ever that we have space to spread our wings. Thats why I'm so delighted to be able to announce our plans for 2021."

"Our new centre will offer over 3,300 square ft of space, spread over ground floor level, thus allowing us to offer brand new and exciting opportunities."

"Opportunities that will allow imagination to thrive and give progression without boundaries."

"The entire back end of the new premises is industrial, allowing brand new practical . sessions which will include:

Furniture Upcycling - taking old tired pieces of furniture, stripping them right back and breathing new life into them, individuals will be able to assist in sourcing, preparing, painting and even selling items. This will be fantastic, to not only learn how items are built, but also how imagination can transform anything put in front of you.

Catering - Our substantial sized kitchen will allow us to offer a wide variety of catering sessions, some of which will be menu making, sourcing fresh local produce and making seasonal products such as pickles, chutneys and cakes which will be sold within the Helping Hands Group community.

Car Mechanics - This is a session I am so excited to be able to offer, our centre has a workshop at the back of the premises which will house a car ready to be worked on. We will have a qualified mechanic taking charge of these sessions which will allow such sessions as servicing a car, changing a tyre, changing the brakes etc.

Office Administrator Work Experience - An entire office dedicated to office skills, will offer true work experience in administrative work, from filing, photocopying and planning to learning interviewing techniques and organisational skills, no stone will be left unturned."

2021 will be a pivotal year for The Helping Hands Group and hopefully you will all share in our excitement as we fill our environment with positivity with this new exciting venture along with celebrating 10 years of service."

'Fenlake' (situated in Fengate, Peterborough) will be replacing 'The Hub' which we have now sadly outgrown. We hope for the centre to be up and running by February whilst we spend the coming weeks getting everything ready and in place for its opening.

We are delighted to be able to unveil the initial floor plans to the centre below, which you will see has a fantastic layout and bags of space which will allow for a safe and productive environment.

We will share more information along with pictures in the coming weeks.

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