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Disability Swings Installed In Sensory Garden

It was an exciting time seeing these disability swings being installed in our sensory garden at Algores Way. The £2,000 investment was money well spent according to Group Director Suzanne Gilby.

"As a service we are always looking at ways to improve, and the opportunities we offer, our entire mantra is to offer barrier free learning. We don't believe that having a learning disability should hold you back in any aspect of life and we have been pushing those barriers now for 10 years."

Suzanne continued, "The opening of Fenlake this year has brought in the Social Enterprise side, learning new skills in catering, woodwork and up-cycling to the point where we now accept orders on the items our individuals are creating, offering sessions that are beyond 'the norm' in this industry. The sensory garden in Algores Way will eventually be an area where new activities can be experienced, we already have a sunken trampoline, and now we have these disability swings one of which is wheelchair friendly, this means that certain individuals will have the opportunity to use it and experience the feeling and sensation of using a swing for the very first time, which is very exciting."

The Helping Hands Group are now working towards the end of covid restrictions when we will be able to allow the entire service to interlink, allowing individuals to access different sessions across all 3 centres.

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