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The Rustic Nest Opens at Fenlake

Tuesday 1st March saw the grand opening of The Rustic Nest a stand alone shop for to The Helping Hands Group.

Group Founder and Director Suzanne Gilby was on hand to cut the ribbon and said "We are always looking at new ways to benefit the individuals we support and for a few years now we have toyed with the idea of opening a physical shop. The idea would generate work experience as well as offer in house sessions such as stock taking, pricing, selling, uploading items online.... The options are endless."

"The problem with opening such a shop brings with it costly overheads which we just can't afford in the current climate, so we came up with using the fantastic space at the rear of Fenlake."

"The Rustic Nest gives us the opportunity to showcase and sell the fantastic items that the individuals make onsite as well as selling some of the incredible donations that we receive throughout the year."

The project has taken months of hard work and dedication from the entire staff team in particular Andy Littledyke and Nadine Hagon along with the individuals who have worked tirelessly to ensure the shop comes to fruition.

The Rustic Nest will be open Wednesday through to Friday 10am - 3pm.

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