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Fenlake Centre FACTS

With excitement growing of the imminent opening of our new Day Centre, Fenlake, we would like to take this opportunity to give more information about the new service, what we intend to offer and answer any questions you may have.

Fenlake is a 3,300 square ft premises, spread across the ground floor. You will straight away feel the amount of space available within each room, helped by the high ceilings throughout.

A homely feeling reception area welcomes you, the managers office sits to the left which is also the perfect area for future meetings with parents and professionals.

Directly across the way is our World of Work office. Here is where we will teach all areas of administrative duties, from I.T work to filing and photocopying, it's essentially a working office but overseen and managed by the individuals.

Back through the reception and through into our large Communal area you will initially be struck by its scale. This space is calming, packed with comfortable seating, and areas to sit quietly.

Pictures of familiar faces fill the walls throughout this room, that can also transform into an area for performing arts and exercise.

Here you will find displayed our weekly session timetable and information on which staff are working on that current day.

Nothing is more important than communication and like all our centres we ensure we are transparent across the board so that individuals know exactly what to expect on a day to day basis.

Sitting either side of the Communal Area are two identical rooms, 'Room 1' which is our Arts and Crafts room, whether it be painting/drawing to clay making or sewing, we intend to ensure everyones personality is expressed in the work that they produce.

'Room 2' is a utility classroom which is suitable for all forms of learning, whether it be educational or practical.

Both rooms benefit from natural light with full length/height tinted windows.

Through the opposite set of double doors in the Communal Area will lead you to our Mechanics area. Here we will have a car permanently sat ready to be worked on. A fully trained Mechanic will lead the sessions where individuals will have the opportunity to learn how to do such jobs as changing tyres, servicing a car, changing light bulbs to even finding out exactly what is involved within an MOT!

Head to the right and you will come to our Workshop, our area of Social Enterprise. Here we are fully equipped to offer wood work and up-cycling sessions, where individuals will take dated pieces of furniture and transform them into more desirable objects.

Once completed these will then be sold on to help raise money for future projects.

Individuals will have the opportunity to be involved in the entire process, from sourcing, preparing, transforming and selling individual pieces.

It's also the area to design and build whatever the imagination allows. From the seed of an idea, we will plan the design, source the required materials, build and finally paint our finished items.

The opportunities are limitless.

Back across the opposite side of the building is our Kitchen area. Again, the first thing that will spring to mind is the considerable size of this space, suitable for commercial catering, this will very much be the place to let your culinary skills go wild.

We hope to be able to make seasonal curds, jams and chutneys as well delicious cakes and bakes on a daily basis.

Below you will find the Floor Plans of the centre. If you have any questions regarding Fenlake, please contact Group Director Suzanne Gilby (

The address is:

The Helping Hands Group

30 Fenlake




We hope to be in a position when safe and legal to do so, whereby individuals can benefit from what all 3 of our centres have to offer.

We pride ourselves in pushing boundaries and striving forward in order to offer limitless learning.

Why can't 1 individual benefit from the Hydrotherapy at Charford House, the huge outdoor sensory garden at Wisbech and the workshop at Fenlake?

Well that's what we at The Helping Hands Group are striving towards, and by 2022 we hope to be in such a position.

Hold on to your seatbelts, it's going to be an exciting ride.

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