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Posh Petz Work Experience


On 16th May 2018, two of our individuals, Suzanne McKenzie and Shummuss Tahir secured a work placement at Posh Petz in Peterborough.

Their first visit was spent meeting the owner of Posh Petz and looking around the store at all the stock and what great things Posh Petz has to offer your fur babies, also talking about the different things Suzanne and Shummuss would be doing.

Since that first visit, Shummuss and Suzanne have really taken to work experience and enjoy their time at Posh Petz.  They have stacked shelves, labelled goods for purchase, used pricing guns, fetching and carrying from the stock room and replenishing shelves. They have really had to think hard about what has been needed on the shop floor and made sure that all shelves were full and neat and tidy for the customers.  Suzanne has served a customer with management support and put the change back into the till in the correct place.  Shummuss is a “wiz” on the pricing gun and makes sure all the goods are labelled and priced correctly.

During one session, Shummuss and Suzanne had a surprise visit from a black Labrador called Annie.  They had to wash Annie in the self contained wash room within Posh Petz and make sure she was fully dry after.  This involved picking the right shampoo for Annie, ensuring she was happy and comfortable whilst being washed and making sure Annie’s owner was pleased with the end result.

Elise, one of the owners of Posh Petz said “Shummuss and Suzanne are very enthusiastic and listen well to instruction” She also said “she liked the way they worked well as team together on tasks given”

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