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Importance of Staff Training


Here at The Helping Hands Group staff training is forefront. Each member of staff who join The Helping Hands Group has a vigerous training schedule to ensure that the high standards of care that the organisation set are maintained, and it doesn’t stop there! Group Director Suzanne Gilby explains “Throughout the year each member of staff (including myself) are put through their paces when it comes to training, as the standards I have set here at The Helping Hands Group are incredibly high, and so they should be. Its all about progression and ultimately aiming to be the very best we can be in the roles we are in.”

Suzanne continued “Many staff are given further opportunities to progress within the organisation and we have seen that over the last few years with certain staff members receiving promotion to higher roles, and we like to offer every possible qualification available to go alongside this. Our emphasis is so great that some members of our team are now qualified to train others in different areas of the field, not just within our organisation but to others too which I am incredibly pleased about.”

All the hard work has now lead to the group becoming a member of ‘The Association of Healthcare Trainers’. More information can be found on their website here.


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