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Our doors are always open, so please feel free to drop in and visit us.

We can be reached via phone or email as well as by popping into our offices.

Also please tell us how you think we could improve our service, here at The Helping Hands Group we are always looking at ways to improve all areas and your help in this is vital, we welcome all comments and enquiries – so please get in touch with us at any time.

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Charford House HQ

The Helping Hands Group

Padholme Road East

Peterborough PE1 5XL

Telephone: 01733 561000

The Hub

The Helping Hands Group

59a Garton End Road

Peterborough PE1 4EW

Telephone: 01733 890771


The Helping Hands Group

10 Algores Way

Wisbech PE13 2TQ

Telephone: 01945 589424
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